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Hello and welcome to Roots & Shoots London where I get to share my passion for the transformative power of food. 

As well as being a a registered nutritional therapist Iā€™m also a whole foods chef with a love of whole plant foods and a belief that cooking nourishing food for yourself and your loved ones not only transforms your health but your mind as well. 

I believe that treating the WHOLE you and looking at all aspects of your life as well as your food including lifestyle, emotional health, attitude towards food and environment is the most effective way to heal from chronic disease and health issues. 

My journey into nutrition started after a period of poor health in my 20s.

After experiencing two traumatic family loses in my early 20s I was lost and struggling to process my emotions. I turned to partying and over working in order to cope, neglecting my body and mental health. 

Years of pushing my body to its limits left me with severe IBS, acne, eczema, multiple allergies, food intolerances and severe anxiety. After going through a breakup and losing my job  I knew I needed to make some serious changes. Through a mixture of nutritional therapy alongside psychotherapy, self development work and some huge lifestyle changes, I was able to slowly regain my health and wellbeing. 

And now my passion to helping others to do the same...

Nutritional therapy is science-backed and evidence based using the latest research and looks at each person as an individual looking to address physiological imbalances in the body and identifying any root causes that may be driving disease and ill health.

I work in a compassionate, collaborative and non-judgemental way, creating a tailored plan to suit your lifestyle. I also offer 121 and group cooking lessons to give you confidence to cook simple and delicious dishes for yourself, get your health back on track and learn a little bit more about the building blocks of nourishing the body.


I studied at The College of Naturopathic Medicine in London, completing 3 years in Biomedicine and Human Sciences, Nutrition and 200 hours clinical practice (DipCNM, mBANT, rGNC).



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