dark chocolate orange and hazelnut truffles


These are a recent creation - they are vegan, only have 4 ingredients and are super easy to make!

INGREDIENTS (makes 12 truffles)

2 bars dark chocolate at least 70% (I used Green and Blacks 70%)

12 tablespoons of tinned coconut milk (I used Biona)

5 drops orange essence (I used these)

1 table spoon finely chopped raw hazelnuts


Finely chop the nuts

Melt the dark chocolate slowly in a perspex bowl over a boiling pan of water

Gently heat the coconut milk in a pan and add to the melting chocolate and gently fold through until evenly mixed

When fully melted add the orange extract drops and fold through the nuts

When set, pour out some raw cacao powder on a plate and then take from fridge and use a small scoop (tablespoon size scoop) or a teaspoon to spoon the mixture into truffle shaped balls, moulding the with your hands if you need

Dust in the cacoa powder and then leave to set in the fridge over night

Enjoy the gooey orangey truffley goodness!

emily barker