pear, ginger, coconut & lime 'nice cream'


'Nice cream' (ice cream made out of fruit) has been a thing for some time now and while I'm always a fan of having the real thing if that's what you fancy as banana 'nice cream' just isn't the same, sometimes you want something a little lighter and fresher and this pear nice cream is AMAZING. I think it's just as good as ice cream (in a different way, lots would probably disagree but it really is totally delicious).

INGREDIENTS (serves 2)

3 frozen pears

2 table spoons coconut milk (tinned)

grated ginger (thumb nail)

grated zest of half a lime

Juice of half a lime

Blend until smooth & eat immediately before it melts! I like to have it with a bit of granola or chopped nuts on top

emily barker