super matcha latte

I have finally weaned myself off coffee during the week. I love it, and breaking that ritual was hard, but my body is super sensitive to coffee so I feel so much better for kicking the habit. 

Some people's bodies are particularly sensitive to coffee and if you suffer from IBS, coffee can be be also be trigger. I'm usually fine with it when I'm relaxed on a weekend but when I'm on the go it's not a good idea for me.

Coffee can stimulate overactivity in the Gastrointestinal Tract in susceptible people and also triggers a release of cortisol, a stress hormone which can trick the body into thinking it's in a flight or flight situation. IBS is often liked to stress & emotions, so if you're very sensitive to coffee, it's quite likely you're also a person that suffers from IBS.

When you are more susceptible to the affects of caffeine you'll most likely feel the affects of those stress hormones more acutely. When they are released, blood is diverted away from the gut and our digestive juices and gut mobility are also inhibited. So in short,  drinking coffee all day if you already suffer with IBS or digestive issues is not a good idea.

Some people can drink coffee with no issues but if you're like me, Matcha is a really good way to fill the pick-me-up sized hole left my your morning coffee. Full of antioxidants, vitamin C, selenium, chromium, zinc, magnesium, you get that kick without it upsetting your gut. It also contains an amino acid called L-Theanine which acts on the immune system to up-regulate levels of calming neurotransmitters.

Now winter is here and I'm feeling like it's too cold for smoothies, I've been adding some of my super smoothie powders into my matcha as well as organic vanilla powder which sweetens it without having to add sugar.


⋆1.5 tsp matcha powder 

⋆1/4 tsp organic vanilla powder)

⋆1 tsp Maca powder (adaptogenic & good for balancing hormones & immune support and energy levels)

⋆1 tsp Tocos powder (adds creaminess - is the bio available vitamin E - great for skin)

⋆Almond milk (find the Provamel unsweetened froths the best)

⋆ Bee Pollen sprinkled on top (amazing super food which contains every single nutrient needed to nourish the human body!)

Add all ingredients into a blender/ Nutribullet & blend then heat in pan - if you don't have a Nutribullet you can use a whisk in the pan or use a hand blender if you have.




emily barker