cherry & coconut overnight oats

This is a really easy recipe that takes two minutes to make but means you have a super nutritious breakfast ready to eat in the morning or take to work with you.

Oats are great in the morning for that blood sugar regulating, slow releasing energy and I also added pea protein powder for an added protein hit & pumpkin seeds for omega fatty acids making it a really nicely balanced breakie.

I buy frozen berries as they are so much cheaper and it's easy to always have berries on hand for smoothies etc. They defrost over night in the oats.

Makes 2 servings

100G oats

330ml coconut milk 

2 table spoons seeds 

Dash of maple syrup (optional - I find the coconut milk and cherries add enough flavour but if you like it a little sweeter)

2 handfuls of frozen cherries

1 Tablespoon pea protein powder 

Put all ingredients into a large bowl, stir and leave overnight to soak. Portion up in the morning and mash the cherries about a bit so it turns a nice cherry colour. Add a spoonful of coconut yoghurt / greek yoghurt, extra cherries and coconut chips / desiccated  coconut and extra seeds on top. 


emily barker