pumpkin and black rice with kale, pine nuts & coriander

This dish is really warming and nourishing. It's well balanced with lots of yummy plant proteins, is comforting in winter, fills you up and is a real crowd pleaser. You can have it by itself (just up quantities) or along side something else as a side dish.


Black rice ( enough for two people)

1 x medium Pumpkin

2 x Sweet potato

Large handful of pine nuts


Two large handfuls of kale 

For the dressing:

2 parts extra virgin olive oil

1 part lime juice

1 part mirin 

2 roasted cloves of garlic (removed from skin & chopped after roasting)

1 heaped teaspoon of tahini

2 teaspoons honey

salt and pepper


Put the rice on - I love black rice but the draw back is it takes forever to cook (worth it though) - depends on how many servings you're making but takes around 30-40 mins. If it tastes a bit crunchy - its not cooked yet and needs a little longer. If you are organised, you can soak it over night which diminishes the cooking time.

Cut the pumpkin and the sweet potato into chunks, season well and roast with a little olive oil - after 20 mins add the garlic gloves and pine nuts

Blanch the kale for a few mins in boiling water

When the garlic cloves are soft, remove them from their skins and chop mash with a knife. Add the ingredients for the dressing together

Once the sweet potato and pumpkin are cooked remove and add the cooked rice and kale to a big bowl along with the dressing and mix together.

Serve with coriander over the top and some chilli flakes

emily barker