lurgy busting wakame seaweed & mushroom broth

It's around this time of year that most people get run down and various viruses start taking people out. 

This broth is the absolute daddy & will give your immune system a massive rocket up its bum. It tastes exciting and has lots of flavour. It's the vegan equivalent of chicken broth.

Wakame seaweed is pretty wondrous when it comes to superfoods - it's one of the most nutrient rich foods on the planet providing a broad range of essential vitamins & minerals including magnesium iodine, calcium, iron, vitamins A, C, E & K, D, B2, B6, Folate as well as having the collagen building and gut healing properties as a meaty bone broth to boot.

Add lots of other leafy green veggies, miso which is a great probiotic, mushrooms (which are well established immune modulators, providing support for white blood cells and have been used to help us fight off infection for thousands of years), and you get a really delicious broth that has all your bases covered in terms of giving your immune system a fighting chance when someone is coughing in your face on the tube.

Noodles wise, any you have in the cupboard will work well here but I love black rice noodles which are gluten free, low GI, full of protein and antioxidants and turn the broth a really autumnal, moody deep purple.  


(serves 2 - works out around 2 pints of stock per person so adjust if you're making for more than 2 and add extra carrot, garlic, ginger and veggies on top)

green leafy veggies of your choice (autumn is the best time for this)

I used purple kale, purple sprouting broccoli, cavolo nero, Chinese cabbage, mushrooms (I used shiitake  but any will be delicious) I also got some samphire free from the lovely fish man at the market so added this too

black rice noodles

For the broth

2 carrots

2 shallots / 1 onion 

3 cloves garlic (sliced)

1 thumb ginger (chopped small or grated)

1 chilli (deseeded)

stalks from a bunch of coriander  (chopped small)

ends of your green veggies & any veggies from the fridge that need using up

4 pints mushroom stock (you can use a normal veggie stock cube but a mushroom stock cube works much better with this recipe)

1 table spoon white miso paste

dash of soy sauce

wakame seaweed (dried)

4 dried porchini mushrooms (you can buy dried)

Toppings (optional):


chilli flakes

sesame seeds

spring onion 


Add the onion, garlic, ginger, chilli, carrots, stock veggies & veggie ends to a large deep pan and sweat off with a little oil

When the onions are soft add the mushroom stock, seaweed, soy, dried mushrooms and cook until the carrots are soft

When soft, put the broth through a sieve, setting aside the veggies (you can use them the next day to make my seaweed fritters recipe so there's no waste)*

Add the clear broth back into the pan, add the leafy veggies, mushrooms, black rice noodles and cook until the noodles are done - make sure you don't overdo the veggies, they still should have a nice crunch so they hold onto their nutrients. Stir in the miso at the end so it doesn't lose its probiotic qualities.

Spoon the veggies & noodles into bowls with the broth on top. Top with coriander, chilli flakes, sesame seeds & spring onion 

* see separate wakame seaweed veggie brunch fritters recipe (added soon)



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