black bean chili with sweet potato mash, guacamole & slaw

This is a corker of a recipe - full of plant based goodness.  Lots of fibre, protein, good fats and nutrients and is super colourful and tasty. Make sure you do a thorough job of rinsing the beans to get rid of what you can of the phytates, These are produced by beans to cause bloating & digestive issues in animals who try to eat them & it also has a similar effect in humans.... 



For the chili:

1 tin of organic black beans rinsed super thoroughly or 1 cup of dried beans soaked over night & the rinsed

1 tin organic mixed beans (rinsed thoroughly)

2 tin chopped tomatoes

2 large tomatoes (chopped small)

1 teaspoon smoked paprika

3 large garlic gloves

Coriander stalks chopped finely

1 onion or shallot 

2 teaspoons cumin seeds 

1/2  red chili (deseeded or not depending on how adventurous you're feeling... I left around 1/4 in - you can also add the full chili if you want the hit of the whole fruit)


For the slaw:

Red / white cabbage shredded (I used a mix)

1 carrot (sprialized or shredded with a peeler

1 table spoon of coconut yoghurt

half a lime

1/2 teaspoon whole grain mustard

Salt and pepper

Extra Virgin olive oil


For the mash:

2 x sweet potatoes

Extra Virgin olive oil

Salt and pepper


For the guac:

1 ripe avocado

1 lime

Coriander stalks and leaves chopped finely


Salt and pepper



Sweat off the onions and garlic in a deep pan with the chili, coriander stalks then add the smoked paprika and cumin seeds

Once soft add the tinned and chopped tomatoes and the beans

Simmer until the sauce is reduced down and thick and the beans are cooked through

While the chili is cooking, mix all the ingredients for the slaw dressing together and mix with the shredded veg in a bowl

Boil the sweet potato until soft and then mash with the extra virgin olive oil (or butter if you'd prefer). 

Mash the guacamole together 

Serve with more coriander stalks and leaves on top,  a dollop of coconut yoghurt (or soured cream if you'd prefer) and a dollop of chipotle

emily barker