almond butter & dark chocolate dates

These dates always go down an absolute storm. They are genuinely as good as any chocolate bar out there but packed with nutrients and fibre from the dates & protein and healthy fats from the almond butter. Dark chocolate is also a good source of magnesium - but we don't need an excuse to eat dark chocolate! 

They are so easy to make but won't last long! They also make really nice inexpensive gifts -  sprinkle pretty things on top and put them in a nice box and away you go!


10 Medjool dates (the softer and squidgier the better)

1 bar 70%+ dark chocolate

Almond butter (I aways use Pip and Nut coconut and almond butter - it's s bit more pricey but think it gives them the edge!)

Mineral sat (maldon / celtic / Himalayan)

Nuts / seeds / edible dried flowers / bee pollen/ grated orange peel / desiccated coconut or whatever you'd like to sprinkle on top!


Slice the dates down one side so they are still attached at one end and remove the stone

Put a small but of almond butter where the stone was - it should fill the date but not ooze out everywhere. Wipe any excess and stick the dates back together

Place a plastic or glass bowl over a plan of boiling water and melt the dark chocolate

Once the choc is fully melted, using a teaspoon to place the dates a couple at a time in the choc and fully coat in the dark chocolate

Once coated place on .large plate with enough space so the dates aren't touching

Sprinkle a tiny bit of salt on each date and then top with your chopped nuts / ingredients of choice - my fave combo is hazlenuts or pistachios and desiccated coconut

Put them in the fridge and resist urge to scoff until the chocolate is hard. 



emily barker